Sharing Is Living

Arms of Love is a non-profit organization with the vision of feeding the hungry, covering the naked and providing medical help to the unfortunate people of Latin America

Together we feed poor children in Latin America.

We started the construction of our kitchen / dining room in 2009 and finally, after a lot of work and the great collaboration of our sponsors and missionaries, it was inaugurated at the beginning of 2010.

In our kitchen / dining room, our goal is to receive and feed more than one hundred children in the Poptún area daily. Our children get a balanced diet every day to help them grow physically, intellectually and spiritually; since not only are they given physical food, but they also receive the bread of the word of God.

In Brazos de Amor, they also learn hygiene rules such as washing their hands before and after eating and receive instruction from our teachers and collaborators. Your help is indispensable to be able to continue our work. Today we continue to equip our center and we need the collaboration of people like you to continue rescuing these children's lives from nothing.

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In any of the towns in your land the Lord your God is giving you, if there is anyone poor among you, do not let your heart be hard and not be willing to help him.
Deuteronomy 15:7

Extreme Misery

Millions of children in Latin America live in extreme poverty, praying for a decent roof, for a bed to sleep in, for food, for health, for peace, for an angel, for a light of hope in which their future will shine. But your prayers have not been answered because they are held in your ARMS, you have their answers.

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Pobreza Extrema

Nuestros Niños

A comprehensive Blessing for each sponsored child

With your donation of $ 1 a day you will help restore the lives of these children, bringing food, clothing and a word of life to their families.

About Arms of Love

Sharing is Living

Arms Of Love is a non-profit foundation with the vision of feeding the hungry, covering the naked and providing medical help to the unfortunate people of Latin America


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Our commitment is to do God’s work by serving others. Arms of Love is a non-profit, legally established inst...



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